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I am currently working on these projects:


Catsfoot is a C++ library providing: concept checking, concept-based overloading, and generating tests automatically from concepts. In short, it is intended to provide testing utilities for C++ template libraries. The library is available at


Aurelia is a framework for language independent program tra. Inspired by Stratego, Rascal and TXL, it tries to provide the necessary features as a C++ library using template meta-programming. Aurelia is available at


The first goal of Transformers was to provide tools for helping template meta-programming in C++. But we stopped on the first step that is modular parsing of C++. We wanted to have an extensible front-end for C++. The task is hard. Transformers has shown that it theoretically works, but the parser is not completely finished by lack of hands.

Transformers has brought lots of tools to complete its goal in the Stratego community. We have eased pretty-print table writing, written a attribute grammar extension to SDF. We also have have lots of debugging tools from writing front-ends.

I do not have time for development in Transformers, I just commit fixes. Transformers is released in GPL. People interested in helping.

Transformers is developed by the LRDE and the website of the project is


FunkyCxx is a small project I started for fun. It is using C++0x features to provide a generic library for live, low latency signal processing. The end goal is to be able to make computer, or computer-assisted music, digital instruments, sound effects, etc.

Posted on Thu, 04 Aug 2011 17:07:46 +0200.