Valentin F.R. David Photography, Software engineering



June 2007, I buy my first Canon 350D. Fan of hiking, it becomes my favorite companion on the tracks of California. I start taking pleasure discreetly getting some shots of birds and other animals with my telephoto lens.

Photography really interests me. And I start learning lighting on my own. With the few equipment I can get, and any book I find on the subject.

October 2007, I am back in a rainy city where it is hard to take pictures of the nature. But this city is also crowded of concerts. Good experience, for taking pictures in bad lighting conditions with fast lenses.

Later on, I do some shootings for some friends. Fashion, concerts. I also take pictures at my workplace, when people ask. And I also upgraded my gears progressively.

Still a amateur, but I wish to continue. For my own fun. My stock of photographies grows bigger and bigger. My Flickr stream is getting hard to browse. I am trying here to select a portfolio. What I think is interesting to see for a start. Enjoy your stay.

If you are in Bergen, and you have a great idea where you need a photographer, you can perhaps contact me. Note that it has to be interesting to me, as long as I am not professional, I will refuse all assignments like weddings. However I will gladly take pictures for musicians.

Posted on Sat, 24 Jan 2009 05:33:14 +0100.