Valentin F.R. David Photography, Software engineering


Valentin David

I work at Vizrt as a software engineer since 2011. I have been until then a researcher at the University of Bergen in Norway. I have completed my PhD in computer science in 2009. I was formerly student at ÉPITA and working at the LRDE working on a project called Transformers. I have been working in the SAGA-GEO group as part of my PhD program. I am interested in program transformation and I am a faithful user of StrategoXT. During my formation, I have been intern at Telecom Paris, at the LIP6 and at LLNL.

On my spare time I try to learn photography by myself. This started back in June 2007. My favorite topics are nature and concerts. I sometimes also do fashion. You can see my pictures on my photography page.


Posted on Thu, 04 Aug 2011 20:45:31 +0200.